Company Overview
Letterpress, Stationery, Lifestyle. A Hong Kong based letterpress and design studio.


ditto ditto 活版印刷手工卡片 – 100﹪香港製造 (Handmade in Hong Kong)

ditto ditto 隱藏於香港石屎森林裡的活版印刷及設計工作室。
由設計師 p.s.chan 利用手繪創作再融入活版印刷技術 Letterpress, 與厚實的綿紙製作出獨特及具有手工觸感的紙品。
每種顏色經人手精心調配,運用50年代古董印刷機一層層的壓印上,創造出獨一無二的色彩效果 。


Imagine everyday is like a gift wrapped up. You will find everyday a miracle! :)
It is so excited to unwrap the gift, and it is even happier if you could share.
We hope to share our little discoveries in the routine life
through our design & artwork.
And we believe that our handprinted & handwritten cards
would be the best way for you to express love to the people you care.
With a passion for handicraft,
Letterpress becomes our favourite printing method.
Handprinted card made every single card & design unique!
I sincerely hope you would love our products!

Illustrated, design & handmade by p.s. chan

——– More about us ——–

website : www.dittoditto.net
facebook : www.facebook.com/dittodittoworks
twitter : www.twitter.com/dittodittoworks
etsy : www.etsy.com/shop/dittodittoworks


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